YTL-302D 新品
4-stage and double waterline water purifier

1.The latest generation of smart chips, seven filters and double outlets(drinking water and clean water)
2.Slim size to lead new fashion
3.Brushed of steel panel by hand 
4.Used technology of net mineralization of volcanic rocks
5.American Grand Bay Double Faucet
6.Original imported membrane with Dongli brand, high flux capacity, technology of less wastewater, Ratio of pure water to wastewater is 2:1, save water and money
7.Automatic Leakage protection
8.Intelligent filter replacement reminder
9.Pressure barrel adopted food grade material and technology of nano antibacterial

Supply Voltage/frequency:220V/50Hz
Operating Voltage:24V/1.5A
Rated total power : 75W
capacity of water purification:500gal/day(1896L)
application water pressure:0.1--0.4MPa
application ambient temperature: 37.4℉-113℉(3℃-45℃)
Electric shock resistance:1 class
Product implementation standard number : GB/T19249-2003
Machine size(L*W*H):425*150*365mm