Integrated waterline and intelligent frequency conversion water purifier

1.ingenious design, Small size,high flux capacity
2.integrated water,water and electricity separated,safety and reliability
3.Intelligent frequency conversion and dual constant voltage output to protect water film while saving energy
4.Two handle faucet, tap to make water flow more smoothly
5.Clear display of double TDS water quality monitoring, safety and health
6.Prompt for replacement of filter element and maintenance service is more intimate
7.International new water efficient membrane,Ratio of pure water to wastewater is 1:1, save water and money
8.Full intelligent microcomputer control

Supply Voltage/frequency:220V,50Hz
input power:24W
capacity of water purification:100gal/day(378L)
Pressure barrel specification:3.2gallons
Product implementation standard number : GB/T19249-2003
application water pressure:0.1--0.6MPa
application ambient temperature: 41℉-104℉(5℃-40℃)
Electric shock resistance:1 class
Machine size(L*W*H):440*135*370mm