User statement

Update time: 15:11, May 18, 2022
Updated on: May 18, 2022
Chongqing yatelan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yatelan") provides you with the ability of open, distributed and interconnected equipment management. We attach great importance to your personal information and privacy protection, and will provide corresponding security protection measures for your personal information in accordance with legal requirements and mature security standards in the industry.
After the equipment is connected to the network, the equipment hardware identifier, equipment hardware parameters and system version information related to the equipment will be sent to Huawei for authorization verification to ensure the healthy development of ecological business.
1. how we collect and use your personal information
To enable you to use the service normally, we need to encrypt the device hardware identifier, device hardware parameters and system version information and send them to Huawei for authorization verification.
2. protection of minors
This service is for adults only. If you are a minor, your guardian is required to consent to your use of this service and agree to the terms of service of relevant services. Parents and guardians should also take appropriate precautions to protect minors, including monitoring their use of the service.
3. share with third parties
We will not share any of your personal data with third parties. For the cooperative company with Atlantis, for the needs of equipment management, we have the obligation to provide it with some non personal information and aggregate information of unidentifiable personal identity. For example, Atlan will share equipment management information with Huawei Software Technology Co., Ltd. to assist them in the operation and maintenance of equipment management information. These companies have an obligation to protect your information.
4. manage your data
If you have further requirements or have any questions, opinions or suggestions about your data subject rights, you can contact us through the methods described in the "how to contact us" section of this statement and exercise your relevant rights.
5. data storage location and duration
The above information will be transmitted and saved to servers in the people's Republic of China. In addition, when the operation of our products or services stops, we will notify you in the form of push notice, announcement, etc., and delete your personal information or anonymize within a reasonable period of time.
6. how to contact us
We have set up a special department for personal information protection (or a personal information protection specialist). You can contact us by visiting the privacy question page, and we will reply as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with our reply, especially when our personal information processing behavior has damaged your legitimate rights and interests, you can also solve it through external channels such as filing a lawsuit to the people's court with jurisdiction, complaining to the industry self-discipline association or the relevant government regulatory agencies. You can also ask us for information about the relevant complaint channels that may apply.
Atlantis will always collect and use your information in accordance with our privacy policy. For our privacy policy, please refer to Atlantis consumer business privacy statement.